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Start wearing Revivlex and enjoy its benefits

blood flow
Mejoran la circulación sanguínea, ayudan a reducir la aparición de varices y a bajar la inflamación y los hormigueos en tobillos y pies.
The compression feature helps by gently massaging the muscles in your feet, providing stability.
Ideal for people 
over 50
These socks are most effective for people over 50 years of age.

About Revivlex

Helps relieve pain and tired legs syndrome, improve blood circulation, fluid retention in the legs, prevent varicose veins, and reduce ankle and foot inflammation.
  • Ideal for people over 50, who are overweight, or who spend a lot of time sitting or standing, pregnant women or people with poor eating habits.
  • Five strategically distributed compression zones around the foot, to help improve blood flow and circulation.
  • The clever design helps guide oxygenated blood towards your heel, accelerating healing of the achey, inflamed area.
"I use them frequently and with any footwear!

Main Benefits

tired legs
Relieve tired legs with the compression socks as seen on TV
Helps to improve
 blood flow
Helps to improve blood flow, prevent varicose veins and reduce swelling in the ankles and feet. (Includes a pair of socks)
Ideal for people
over 50
Ideal for people over 50, people who are overweight, those who spend a lot of time standing or sitting, people with poor eating habits and pregnant women
5 compression zones to help stabilise the foot, prevent injury and relieve pain
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The perfect
Ideal gift for friends
and family.


Will the Revivlex Neuropathy Compression Socks work for my Pain?
Foot pain is complex. However, the Revivlex Neuropathy Compression Socks are unique as they work for the majority of people because they alleviate foot pain, increase blood flow, reduce swelling in feet, ankles, and legs, and restore the health of your feet.
How long until I see relief in my Foot pain?
Within a Few days! Our Neuropathy Compression Socks will provide super fast relief from painful feet and stiff or swollen ankles the first time you wear them. With consistent use over a two-week period, you will gain benefits that last a lifetime.

How long should I use it for?
With compression socks, you can enjoy the benefits of wearing them throughout your day, whether you're at the office, cooking food, or even while you sleep. By wearing compression socks during your work hours, you can support healthy blood circulation in your legs, reducing the risk of swelling and discomfort that often arises from prolonged sitting or standing.
Are there any offers available?
Yes, there’s a 50% off launch promotion.
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Hey...This little thing is fantastico! My feet constantly ache. These socks has taken care of that. This past year I have had severe heel pain due to fracturing my heel and then finding out I had plantar fasciitis along with my achilles heel being slightly torn. These compression socks works awesome after a hard day on my feet. Hopefully it will help you too.
Should have bought it earlier, exactly what I needed for my neuropathy-pained-feet. Honestly, I can walk and move with just minimal pain. I've only used it for like 2 days and I have felt better than I have in the past 2 years!!!
My order has arrived today! I bought 3 pairs for my wife too. It's very relaxing on my feet ! I've noticed that I don't need to buy any other socks, so I replaced, my normal socks with these!
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Buy now 50% off and FREE delivery!
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